Tang is something that’s been in the works for a long time at Yogism. 

Now, we love frozen yogurt, how delicious it is, and how fun the whole experience of Yogism is in Georges Arcade...But we realised soon after opening on Dawson Street, that we were struggling to recreate the same great atmosphere there for our customers.

So, we decided to use the space that we had to do something new and different. After the success of our breakfast menu at Yogism, and our staff's talent and enthusiasm for creating amazing food, it was time to go savoury!

We got to work with Kevin Powell of Gruel Guerrilla, developing a menu for Tang, our new savoury sibling. With a vision to incorporate yogurt into almost everything we do, it was a natural adventure into middle eastern food. There's lots of tzatzik and twists on tzatziki, flavoured yogurts, citrus, honey, black olive. It’s really nice stuff. 

All of our yogurt is supplied by Glenisk, and we’ve tried to keep it as healthy as possible. Where you might usually see mayonnaise or cream, you’ll see Greek yogurt or strained yogurt. Where you might usually see feta cheese, you’ll see yogurt based labanateh!

We make everything from scratch in house and we hope, very very much, that you like it! 

Take a look at our menu!